Using Generative AI to drive better innovation outcomes in your business – a workshop with Road to Amherst


Generative AI is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now, and it’s potential transformational impact on how we live and work is evolving fast. But amidst all the hype, it can be challenging to identify where it can add real business value in the here and now.

To cut through the noise and provide tangible ways to use AI effectively today, we recently hosted a workshop with AI consultancy, Road to Amherst. The session explored how Generative AI can drive better innovation outcomes, acting as an effective co-pilot to enhance human thinking, deliver faster results and improve overall creativity.

Centring on a live illustrative design thinking sprint for a hypothetical business challenge, Road to Amherst showcased how Generative AI tools can be integrated at every stage of the innovation process. From using ChatGPT in the Discover phase to Synthetic Users for quick synthetic user feedback before real-life user testing in the Imagine phase, attendees gained practical insights into applying Generative AI in their businesses.

Alongside the most effective tools to use, here are a few of the key takeaways from the session (inspired by Ethan Mollick’s book Co-Intelligence):

Always invite AI to the table – use AI as a sparring partner to organise your thoughts and spur creativity.

Tell your AI who your AI is – to maximise Gen AI’s effectiveness, establish a clear persona and define the problems it should tackle.

Be the “human in the loop” – AI works best with human intervention, and we need to incorporate human judgement and expertise into complex systems.

This is the worst AI you will ever have – while policies around the security and ethics of AI continue to progress, AI’s capabilities are improving daily. We need to learn to coexist and harness the power of AI.

A huge thank you to Natalie and Antonia from Road to Amherst and our founders for joining us for a fascinating session.

Cover image was created using Generative AI.

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