We bring a wealth of experience from across the consumer sector, partnering with you every step of the way

Who we are

Since 2004, we’ve been investing exclusively in the consumer sector, supporting founders to build iconic brands and fulfil their ambition through all stages of growth.


For consumer businesses poised for rapid growth, we invest an average cheque size of £5- 15m. Your business may be yet to breakeven, but is growing fast, has a strong product-market fit and is experiencing high levels of customer engagement.


We invest £200k – £1m into mission-driven brands, consumer technologies and the platforms powering their success. If you’re an early-stage business reshaping the consumer economy, we want to hear from you.

What we look for

We back exceptional founders and brands set to redefine the consumer economy.

An Edge

We look for brands with a distinct point of view and a truly differentiated product. They see the world differently and are reshaping the consumer experience.

Customer Engagement

We partner with brands building communities that inspire and delight consumers, generating exceptional levels of customer engagement as a result.

Visionary Founders

Founders are a brand’s magic. We back passionate founders with a clear purpose and vision alongside the drive to create something defining.

Growth potential

We invest in businesses where there is potential for rapid growth across all stages. From early-stage startups to young businesses that are growing fast but are yet to breakeven. And more established businesses with demonstrable potential for a step-change in growth.


We support mission-led teams and brands that care about people and the planet. Consumers today engage with brands that reflect their values and take a stand for something.

Global Ambition

We partner with companies with global ambitions. Based on years experience supporting companies to internationalise, we are on hand to help you with market entry strategies across different geographies and channels and general organisational scaling.

How we work

Companies need more than capital to grow and thrive. We are true partners, committed to accelerating the success of our portfolio brands.

Consumer specialists,
growth experts

Active Partners are consumer specialists. We immerse ourselves in all aspects of the consumer economy, listening acutely to consumers and uncovering opportunities where they demand change.

We invest in the iconic brands of tomorrow, backing outstanding businesses with exceptional levels of customer engagement that are poised for rapid growth. We seek to back category-defining brands, and challenger brands in large markets ripe for disruption.

We invest where we can genuinely provide insight and value, leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise. Our network within the consumer world runs deep, ready to help you with the best talent, support and advice needed to realise the full potential of you and your brand.

Founder-friendly Partners

We have built our business by backing founder-led businesses. Our success is driven by our partnerships and far from stifling entrepreneurial flair, we seek to amplify it.

We understand the challenges of scaling businesses and the balancing act of maintaining the spirit of innovation with the need to introduce processes and people to realise the potential. We support you to curate the business and the brand at the same time.

We value trust, openness, and collaboration above all and take time to ensure we are aligned on objectives and motivations.

Engaged Investors

We are engaged partners who will champion and challenge you and your business. We don’t interfere with the day-to-day running of the business, but we are there for you whenever you need us.

Our focus is on issues that drive equity value creation. We push when we see potential, but we are fiercely protective of your time. Some of the ways we will support you include:

  • Clearly define your strategy. A shared vision and collective understanding of how to achieve it are essential for success. We offer a fresh perspective, strategic expertise, and consumer insight. We bring a different point of view.
  • Define and build the operational infrastructure, structural and process rigour, and resource capabilities required to rapidly scale.
  • Leverage our network to attract and retain the right talent, and access to experienced operators and industry experts.
Long Term Thinkers

We are committed investors, with a long-term, growth perspective. We understand the time and effort needed to build a brand.

Our capital is flexible. Our cornerstone investors are consumer entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build world-class businesses.

We are not constrained by strict investment horizons, nor are we looking for quick wins.