Courtney Sawatzke

Early-stage Investor


  • 2022


  • Accenture Strategy


  • London Business School
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Courtney joined the early-stage investment team in June 2022 following an internship with the origination team. She joined Active’s early-stage team full-time in June 2023 after finishing her MBA at London Business School. Courtney is particularly interested in sustainability and the importance of offering healthy, affordable, and attainable products to a mass market.

Prior to moving to London, she lived and worked in New York City where she was a consultant for Accenture Strategy. At Accenture she worked with multi-national consumer businesses on projects focused on pricing strategy, organizational design and marketing analytics.

At London Business School, Courtney was the co-president of the Entrepreneurship Club and helped run the school’s pre-accelerator programme. When Courtney’s not meeting with incredible consumer founders, you can find her training in Regent’s Park or cooking up a vegan meal for her friends.

At Active, I love that we can reshape the consumer economy through supporting incredible founders and challenger brands. There is an immense amount of opportunity to improve the consumer space, and I think we have only scratched the surface!