Anna Sweetman

Early-stage Associate


  • 2023


  • Vira Health
  • GrassRootsWeb


  • University of Oxford

Anna joined the early-stage investment team in January 2023 after working at several early-stage start-ups. Her previous roles include Founders Associate and Product Manager at Vira Health and Head of Client Development at GrassRootsWeb, as well as strategy consulting for early-stage businesses.

Prior to this, Anna completed two degrees at the University of Oxford, a BSc in Human Sciences, and an MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology.  She is particularly interested in healthtech and femtech, as well as sustainable foods and sustainable fashion.

When Anna is not conducting due diligence on exciting consumer brands, you can find her touring around in her self-converted camper van searching for a great climbing spot.

At Active, I’m inspired by the number of founders we see who are trying to change the consumer economy for the better. I love searching for, and supporting high-growth start-ups which are focused on reshaping the consumer landscape to be more friendly to people and the planet.