Niyyah raises £1.6 million to transform how billions engage with the Quran


Niyyah, an education app for busy Muslims, today announces £1.6 million in funding from leading consumer, edtech, and faith-focused investors alongside the launch of its new brand. The round was co-led by Venrex, the first investors in Just Eat and Revolut; and Cur8 Capital, the fund behind IslamicFinanceGuru. Other participants include Active Partners, Emerge, Collective Continuum and prominent angel investors. The fresh funds will be used to enhance Niyyah’s product with AI features, expand its content library and scale its reach to serve the needs of billions of Muslims worldwide.

There are two billion Muslims around the world, equating to approximately 24% of the world’s population, but many, especially those living in non-Muslim countries, feel disconnected from their faith and find themselves too busy to fit it into their daily schedule. While plenty of solutions exist for reciting, memorising, and reading the translation of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims, there is nothing to help believers consistently engage with its messages and practically apply its lessons.

Niyyah is on a mission to change this with its guided approach to understanding the Quran in an accessible, impactful and practical way. Its bite-sized content, personalised recommendations, and gamified features like rewards and leaderboards, seamlessly integrate into its users’ routines and equip them with an understanding of the teachings of the Quran and how to implement faith in their daily lives.

Shinaz Navas, Co-founder and CEO of Niyyah said: “On any given day, the Quran is recited billions of times by hundreds of millions around the world in Arabic. The problem is that 80% of us don’t understand the words that are being recited. This is what we’re setting out to solve, by helping Muslims understand and apply the Quran in under 5 minutes a day. Ultimately, we believe that the Quran has all the wisdom we need to be successful – it’s time that we finally used it.” 

The launch of the new brand, Niyyah, meaning intention in Arabic, reflects the company’s mission to help billions take an intentional journey through the Quran. Shinaz Navas founded Niyyah in 2023 out of his own frustrations with the lack of existing education apps for Muslims. In its first year since launch, Niyyah has reached 20,000 users across 70 countries and its unique content has been seen by over one million individuals globally. It also has a rating of 4.7/5 on app stores. 

Tom Profumo, Partner at Active Partners said: “With over two billion Muslims and many looking for better ways to understand the religion, the opportunity for Niyyah is truly global. Shinaz and the team have seen fantastic traction in their first year alone which is a testament to the genuinely differentiated product they are building and their deep understanding of the audience. Having helped category-defining brands like Rapha build global communities we’re excited to support Niyyah in this next phase of growth.” 

Muhammed Yesilhark, Board Member at Collective Continuum said: “Faithtech is a new and emerging trend in which Collective Continuum is thrilled to be at the bleeding edge. The Niyyah app is a perfect example of a scalable digital product with embedded social benefits at its core. It demonstrates robust commercial strength by offering a sophisticated and slick user experience, designed to cater to the broad market of faith-driven individuals across the globe. That’s why, as Collective Continuum, we take distinct pride in backing Niyyah.”

Farzana, a user in the US said: “The Niyyah app is a real game-changer for the Muslim community. It can be tough to consistently engage with the Quran, especially with my busy schedule. But Niyyah makes this easy, fun and meaningful at the same time. I couldn’t recommend this enough for busy Muslims everywhere!”  

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