Setting a new industry standard for cat care

KatKin is the UK’s leading fresh food brand for cats, providing vet-formulated fresh food using 100% real meat that keeps cats healthy.

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Brett O'Farrell, Nikki O’Farrell, and Ed Westcott



With the cat population around the world growing rapidly and incumbents in the pet food category slow to innovate, KatKin is challenging the norms of the industry with its totally fresh approach to cat care.

Cat parents build personalised meal boxes which are tailored to their cat’s unique traits and delivered directly to their home via a monthly subscription.

Founded in 2020, KatKin has now delivered over 35 million fresh meals to 200,000 cats. The brand also recently announced its first retail partnership with online grocery store Ocado to reach a more mass market.

We are helping KatKin to accelerate growth through DTC channels and retail partnerships, invest in further product development and drive brand awareness in the UK and beyond.