Secret Cinema



The Boston Consulting Group


University of Oxford

Alex joined Active Partners in 2016. His main areas of focus are travel, leisure and hospitality. Alex led our investments in Context and TravelLocal, and is a Non-Executive Director of both companies.

"There are two things I love most about working at Active: Meeting inspiring entrepreneurs who have that obsessive eye for detail and deep understanding of who their customers are, and secondly trying the products and services that are engaging their customers so much. Whether it’s watching a movie in a secret location or sampling some of the UK's most exciting new food concepts, I’ll always be one of the first to get involved.”

Prior to joining Active, Alex was in the Travel & Tourism Practice at The Boston Consulting Group in London where he worked with leading airline and hotel brands on operational and strategic projects.

“Starting at BCG was a great grounding in how to think analytically and strategically about consumer focused businesses. It also gave me the opportunity to work with the Executive teams of some of the strongest brands in the airline and hotel sectors.”