Naturally fast food

Fast food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. LEON created the category of Naturally Fast Food, showing that fast food can taste good, do you good and be affordable. We are supporting LEON on its mission to make it easier for everyone to eat and live well.

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John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby


Leon operates over 40 restaurants today, principally in the UK. Active invested when the company had their very first restaurant in Carnaby Street. Since then, we have supported the founders tirelessly in their quest to bring healthy food to everyone. The brand now defines healthy fast food globally with a unique menu - a powerful combination of food and flavour innovation - and quick service format.

The team have dramatically improved operational efficiency and built a culture inspired by wellbeing for both colleagues and customers. LEON is growing fast in the UK and internationally. Our ambition is to become a truly global brand business – to rival the ubiquity of McDonalds and KFC in the 21st century. Our first international restaurant opened in 2016.